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The night of April 19, 2015 marked one of the biggest days in the history of Stoneyleigh Clydesdales. For Bart, Tammy, and David Scherpenzeel, it started off as any other night would as their mare, Stoneyleigh Irish Mist, went into labour. They expected it would be a routine birth. However, the difficulties began early. The foal was coming out slightly twisted making for a difficult delivery. As Bart and David fell back into the straw and the foal fell to the ground, they were sure it was dead until they saw that first rise of her chest. Reacting quickly they got her breathing steady and as the mare laid down to rest, they thought everything was finished.

A few minutes later, the mare began to push again. Before they could process what was happening, 2 more feet were visible. Going into Crisis Mode they quickly delivered the second filly. To this day, it is a miracle that both foals as well as the mare survived the labour. In Clydesdales, there is only about a 0.5% survival rate of both twins in twin births. April 19th brought a whole new meaning to the word miracle for the Scherpenzeel family.

After much debate, they have settled on the names Miraculous Debut for the first filly and Miraculous Encore for the second. Its been a month since their birth and both fillies are doing well. The first filly, Mira was born with a deformity in her legs from the tight living quarters in the womb, but after many weeks of therapy and long days and longer nights, she is now walking on her own. Although they are our double miracle, they have also become double trouble. Sired by Birky’s Pride Nicodemus, these twins have brought a new life to Stoneyleigh Clydesdales. Feel free to come for a visit and check them out.


Morgan and Avery Hewgill at Thornbury Fair with Mikashan Lexi





Plow fun day held in chesley Ontario on October 15th. Ten teams attended the event in total. There were 3 teams of Clydesdales there, owned by Ken Phillips, julie nellis and as pictured is Howard Budd and his team.  The Clydesdales dominated that day and showed their aptitude for working in the plow field.



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